Douglas Stidham

My name is Doug Stidham. Art is a part of my life and after taking five semesters of it in high school and a semester of photography, I applied my skills and put them to use in my photography. I shoot anything and everything. Im a "jack of all trades" so to say when it comes to photography. I dont specialize in just one area. I specialize in all the areas. Narrowing your field narrows your talent. I want to share my art with everyone around me and hoping they will feel the same thing I felt when taking the shot I share with them. I have shot with film and digital, developed my own photos color and black and white and also do all the processing with digital. Trying to save money for people, I now use professional photoshops to print out the final shots on paper. I find its a lot faster, more productive and saves on cost both for me and the purchaser.

I really love Japanese culture and lifestyle. My dream is to move and live in Japan. I lived in Okinawa for one year while stationed at Camp Foster (Kitamae) while serving in the US Marines. I didnt take many photos (mistake) while I was there and regret it every day. I did return in March, 2008 to Tokyo and took more photos. I hope to return again soon. Please pray for the victims of the March 2011 Earthquake, Tsunami and Radiation events in Japan. My heart goes out to all of them.

Please enjoy my photos. I hope you have a great experience and gain some good ideas from my work.

Thank you.

Douglas Stidham